Prayer for a diabetic

I am a diabetic and today I speak for the diabetic who is silent.  I speak to her friends and family because only the rarest of diabetics outlives family and friends I ask  that those find comfort in knowing that although diabetes is oft’ portrayed as death’s bastard cousin, an insidious life wasting, vitality sapping disease it is far more than that for those who have diabetes rather than those that diabetes has under its dark shadow.

Diabetes is a mirror, reminding us that each of us is imperfect and flawed and beautiful in our being human.  Looking at ourselves through the daily testing, the examination of our bodies those marvellous complex and oh so inconsistent unique collections we display to others.  The subtle marks wrinkles lines colourings curves and details – so much richer than the bland polished presentations of cultural images of beauty and who we should be – allows us to learn deeply all people are amazing in their humanness.

Diabetes is a gift, as each day is different, despite the apparent certainties and commonalities.  No two days are the same, nothing is guaranteed – and so each day is challenging, unique and mine to shape.  Or mine to drift into and be carried away or regiment and control – the day is mine to create, define make my own.

I am a diabetic and speak for the diabetic who is silent.  I have my gifts, my learnings, my mirror and I have had diabetes -it has not had me – and now it is time for me to move to other learnings, other days to create and other reflections on life .